Cash trays - Requirement for printing

Providing Data for Printing

Data Formats:

Colours must be provided in CMYK or PANTONE format.
(We do not accept RGB format cause of colours differences)

Minimal resolution:
Files should have resolution not les than 300 dpi.

All fonts should be converted to curves by using the ‘convert to curves’ or ‘create outlines’ function, otherwise it is necessary to provide all fonts used in the form as font files.

Please provide 3 mm margin from each line of cutting.
This margin is required by punch cutting method.

Data Transmission:
Ready-to-print files should be provided on a CD or DVD disc or e-mailed to us.
Files may also be uploaded to our FTP server. Please contact our assistant for more details about the FTP server address.

Standard Prototype:
Digital Cromalin®

Important Notice:
To avoid misunderstandings, we offer can you proof copy of your products.
That copy present the final effect of the print which is as much as possible similar to the effect printed later on a lenticular foil.
You need to remember that there might be some differences between the copy and the final product . Such differences are caused by different type of production processes.
The price of the proof copy is to be deducted from your final invoice, so in case of finalizing an order you get the sample copy for free.

Delivery Time:
Depending on the quantity of your order, our production and delivery times span from two to four weeks within the EU.

Our business partners are the biggest and most reliable logistic companies such as DHL or UPS and they can guarantee an on-time delivery to your door.
If you are cooperated with any other delivery company and wish to use their service, please let us know. We are open to find customer-friendly solutions.



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