Cash trays - Special order

We offer clients help and advisory throughout the whole production process, starting with the concept, thought the design, modeling, workmanship, production of tools , assembly of elements and transport.
We are open for our client ideas- this is why a close cooperation with the client – starting from the concept development stage – is absolutely necessary.
Our graphics designers are able to sketch the general ideas that are then modified and developed into their final shape.
The design stage is additionally aided by digital visualization with the use of 3D Studio Max software.
We are able to work with your ready to produce projects sent to us in AutoCAD file.
Please contact our assistant for more details about the FTP server address at (

Since the day when the company has been established, our goal was to provide a quality of service that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.



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Individually packaging

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Each cash tray can be individually packed for your needs.


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