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3D “Fly-Eye” Foil

It is the latest three-dimensional technology where the print is made on a special lenticular foil. Its advantage is that it makes the depth visible from all angles while the conventional 3D printing allows viewing the effect only from a perpendicular perspective. The illusion of depth is so real that people get the impression that objects in the foreground stand out few centimetres out of the background. This makes such a print ideal for the various types of packaging and POS items.

What is Ordinary Lenticular (3D) Printing?

Ordinary lenticular (3D) printing is a specific technology for creation of prints that lets people watch a three-dimensional word or animation on a flat surface. Owing to the advances in technology and print production, the quality of a final product is really high. A special foil is used for its production as well as lenses from 35lpi to 150lpi (lines per inch). The foil is perfectly transparent so it does not absorb too much light, which makes the printouts clear and bright - opposed to the ones printed in the barrier technology. Using our highly advanced software, we can create any graphical compositions. We can set the strength of spatial experience as well as set the distance of objects from their observer. The images that seem to be coming out of a surface, becoming so close to our eyes that people become even frightened of hitting them, make the greatest impression on our customers.


Market research indicates that three-dimensional images attract consumers’ attention of consumers much more strongly than traditional ones. People watch that type of printing four times longer when compared to flat prints and their concentration is five times stronger. A survey conducted by Market Watch shows that in 88 per cent of people prefer watching three-dimensional images.
Our prints can be used in manufacturing postcards, advertising posters, mouse pads, office supplies (rulers, pads, bookmarks, covers, etc.), child's toys (cards, dominoes).

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Possible 3D Printing Effect:



Morphing / Morphing Animation / Animation

The method may be applied to any merchandise or non-merchandise products, including: books, postcards, posters, mouse pads, calendars, office supplies (rulers, documents, bookmarks, envelopes, covers, etc.), children's toys (cards / dominoes), CD/DVD covers, and much, much more.



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