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Celman Cash Trays stands for over 25 years of experience and success in injection moulding plastic production, glass, aluminum and melamine advertising cash trays.

Cash Trays

Our latest products include LCD Cash Trays with 7 or 10 inch LCD display which give you opportunity to present a full (visual and audio) advertisment of your product. Our offer include cash trays with LED backlight.That kind of money tray focus attention on the label of product placed inside of the tray.

Most of our cash trays may be equipped with back light, motion sensor and loudspeaker. That kind of cash tray respond for movement around by flashing and emitting any recorded sound you order. It is ideal merchandise product in place of sale as shop, newsagent or liquor store.

Change TraysIn our offer you may find simple cash trays made of plastic, glass, aluminum and melamine .
Celman Cash Tray it is not only injection moulding, but also a design and construction office, tool workshop, glass processing, print shop and logistic services.

Celman Cash Trays its over 150 qualified workers ready to undertake even the most complicated orders for the production of detailed elements, it is wide range of over 200 cash trays designed internally and few dozen client-designed products.
We offer clients help and advisory throughout the whole production process, starting with the concept, thought the design, modeling, workmanship, production of tools , assembly of elements and transport.

We follow the new trends, both in advertising and production.
The preset-day market success and the sheer size of the company are a token of experience and extensive knowledge of the owners and employees of Celman Cash Trays.

Since the day when the company has been established, our goal was to provide a quality of service that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

We are proud Partner of Celman Zahlteller.

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